Christmas Gift Guide: Hatch

Home to a wealth of independent traders, Hatch is a fantastic alternative to your typical high street.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 16 December 2019

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There’s everything down at Hatch. You can grab yourself a big burger, sip an ice cold pint and buy yourself a new wardrobe – all without leaving the confines of the Mancunian Way.

Head on down and check out some of these beauts for some present inspiration this Christmas…

The Stockholm Gift Set from Shmyls Interiors

Home of mindful and sustainable homewares, Shmyls have pretty much completed Christmas with this gift set – something that makes the whole process of present buying 10x easier for us all. Basically, you choose a scarf, choose a candle and choose a mug and they’ll bang ’em all in a box (alongside a card and some choccies) and there you have it – the perfect present for your mam. Easy.

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Rabbit Hooded Fleece Jacket @ This Thing of Ours

When I saw this jacket last week I pretty much fell in love, and although it’s not cheap – it would make the perfect Christmas present for someone who enjoys high-quality jackets and keeping warm. Taking inspiration from an old US Air Force cold weather parka, this beauty will look good on anyone and if you get ONE shiver while wearing – they’ll give you your money back.*
* Not true. I made this bit up.

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A Print from Urban Artistry

There’s very few presents better than a big bit of art, something that you can pop on your wall and look at every day. Not only do they brighten up a boring room, a great print can also act as a nice talking point when you bring someone around to show off. Urban Artistry have a wide range of prints on offer, many from local artists but also from much further afield. This Mr Penfold one (on the right) is an absolute winner!

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Longshot Bucket Hat @ This Thing of Ours

Another banger from This Thing of Ours – but this time it’s everyone’s favourite PARKLIFE attire – the classic bucket hat. Grab yourself a couple of tins of Strongbow Dark Fruits, pop your wellies on and stay out of the rain with this super-duper MADE IN MANCHESTER creation. It’s also perfectly acceptable to wear in the winter as in the summer – lord knows it rains pretty much all the time anyway.

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‘New’ Sneakers from Sneaker Pharm

We all know that one person who is obsessed with trainers/sneakers/plimsols (whatever you call them). Well, this Christmas you can give the gift of ‘new’ trainers without actually shelling out the sometimes extortionate amounts of money that they cost. Sneaker Pharm is world-renowned for cleaning up sneaks so they’re pretty much brand-new. A great gift!

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Vintage Clobber from Suzy Loves Milo

This vintage store offers a dazzling array of clobber and accessories from all over the world – from a pair of 60’s trousers right up to a Reebok top that was proudly worn by a scally in 1998. There really is too much to choose from in terms of ideas for presents, it all depends on who you’re buying for really. Personally, I’m a big fan of this bag – hopefully nobody has snatched it up yet.

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Jewellery from Nordic Muse

Nordic Muse have been operating in Hatch for ages now and there’s a reason they do so well – all the stuff is fantastic. They offer own-label jewellery alongside homewares, and you can’t go wrong with one of these letter pendants really. Perfect for the narcissist in your life – let them walk around with a big letter around their neck – just so that nobody forgets their name. There’s also a great selection of ceramics in here – including a Mayan-style milk lady vase which would look great on my mantlepiece.

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Knitwear from Arctic Fox & Co.

You obviously can’t go wrong with something warm and toasty for a present this Christmas – everyone needs their neck warming – even those of us with massive beards. Arctic Fox & Co. offer up stunning products inspired by Icelandic and Scandinavian design. Striving to be as sustainable as possible, they also donate 5% of their profits to WWF. The wildlife one not the wrestling one.

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