Manchester is now home to the first ever Corona Tap outside of London...

Yep, you can get an ice cold pint of the good stuff...

By Alex Watson | 5 November 2019

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Ask yourself this, have you ever seen Corona on Tap before? I'm gonna guess the answer is probably no. It's always served in its classic clear glasses with a wedge of lime shoved in the neck.

Now, there's a few Corona Taps in The Big Mmoke but Manchester is now home to officially the ONLY Northern tap. In fact, it's the only tap outside of London so it's probably about time you headed to Revolucion de Cuba to give it a try.

Word on the street is it's so much nicer than it is in a bottle. And I can personally vouch for this too after chugging about 10 on Friday night.

The plastic free tower is complete with a glass viewing pane to showcase the bubbly deliciousness inside. There is of course a lime holder on the side so the trademark garnish will not be lost.

And that's not all, there's brand new glasses modelled on the shape of the bottle and the perfect lip to allow a lime wedge to sit on the edge.

Designed to be enjoyed when the sun is out, Corona is a taste of summer in a gloomy Manchester, promising to transport you to happier, more golden times. Ahhhh delish!


Revolucion de Cuba, 11 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR