Manchester to adopt Net Zero Carbon for ALL New Buildings?

The council are "considering" the Climate Change Framework...

By Manchester's Finest | 26 August 2021

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Unless you’re an idiot, or so frightened that you enjoy sticking your head in the sand, you’ll know that Climate Change is now the biggest threat facing our planet and species, and if people don’t start taking it seriously – we’re all fucked.

The Manchester Climate Change Partnership has published a ‘Net Zero Carbon New Build Policy Document‘ which was written by private, public and third sector representatives to provide a framework for reaching zero carbon in the city in 25 years and guidance on how this can be achieved.

A major part of the framework is a strategy towards making Manchester s thriving, climate resilient city – addressing the challenge of helping new buildings play their full part in meeting the carbon emission reductions that the city needs.

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It therefore suggests that ALL new developments in the city should be zero carbon from 2023 at the latest, a move which has prompted the Council to “consider” the proposals alongside other consolation feedback and suggestions.

The current plan is for the city to be zero carbon by 2038, and in order to achieve this then all new buildings in the city from 2023 should be zero carbon without the use of any offsetting or a carbon tax.

The council though have been cautious in welcoming the proposals, stopping short of agreeing to incorporate them into climate plans. It’s hoped though that the bold and innovative policy is to be adopted as part of achieving Manchester’s important climate goals.

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Mike Wilton, chair of Manchester Climate Change Partnership said: “I am confident that there is an appetite amongst the development community to respond positively to the proposed ‘Manchester Standard’.

“The policy document has been well received and a good deal of expertise, experience and professional rigour has been applied in producing a ground-breaking piece of work that will continue to enhance Manchester’s leadership in addressing the pressing issue of climate change.”

This Autumn will see the release and consultation on the proposed ‘Manchester Standard‘ climate plans. For details of how and when you can get involved – head on over to the Manchester Climate Agency website.

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