Manchester voted the Best University city (for things we actually care about)

Basically, we mean pubs. 

By Alex Watson | 24 September 2019

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Whilst Leicester actually ranked when the metrics were combined, MMU and Manchester Uni were both in the top 5 so actually combined the City of Manchester comes out on top. 

Everyone knows uni isn’t just about (skipping) lectures and (not) reading the Reading List. There’s a lot more to uni than just LEARNING. Duh. 

A big part of it is the drinking culture. Whether that’s made an entire generation or two alcoholics or not, I guess only time will tell. 

The Alternative University League Table looks at rent, beer, ticket prices, Deliveroo options AND how sustainable the uni is as a way of measuring uni’s by what we actually care about. 

Not only just looking at the cheapest pint, the tool also measures the number of pubs per square mile. And of course, both of our humble city’s universities came out on top.

You can’t walk 2 minutes without bumping into a new boozer that just so happens to be calling your name as you walk past. 

In case you were wondering the actual figures, there are 9 pubs in every square mile of Manchester. Terrific news. 

It’s difficult to go hungry in this city with the amount of restaurants and takeaways there are. And of course there’s over 200 Deliveroo options at each university. So, discounting London because no one can beat London when it comes to Deliveroo, Manchester WINS waheyyyy! 

MMU was also ranked highest for sustainability bringing in a massive 77.6% which is probably down to the (most confusing building in the world) Business School alone, while Manchester Uni has 39.1%.

This also means, MMU and Uni Of BEAT some of the most well known and prestigious Universities in the UK (and the world) – such as Cambridge and Oxford. 

What I’m picking up from this report, is that not only is Manchester the best city in the world, it also is the best place to go to uni. Possibly, ever. Prove me wrong.