NEW OPENING: The Quick Brown Fox

A little spot nestled on the cusp of the NQ and Ancoats - serving up cocktails on TAP.

By Alex Watson | 1 October 2019

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The venue, with 100 capacity is the love baby of the guys behind PLY and The Alphabet Brewery set to open before the end of September.

There is a massive 24 taps available, table service and a chilled out environment with some good quality wine and beer.

12 beers will rotate across the taps from local and national breweries and with the added extra of 6 WINE taps. Wine on tap sounds like somewhere I DEFINITELY need to be.

There’s also a bottle list as long as my arm. To be specific, that’s 20 bottles of wine on the menu. 

The remaining 6 taps are for… COCKTAILS! Drinks include a White Negroni and crystal clear Clarified Strawberry Daiquiri.