This new winter pop-up offers £2.50 pints, Curry, Sausages, Beer Pong & LOTS MORE...

It's pretty rare you see a full pint of sweet nectar for anything less than 3 quid anymore.

By Alex Watson | 27 November 2019

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It’s football season again which means nothing to me other than I’m getting ignored on Super Sunday and I shouldn’t even bother being in the flat on Sadtastic Saturdays or whatever they’re called.

What it does mean though, is that crowds of football fans take to the city every weekend in search of their favourite pub and a pint. 

All those pints can very quickly add up though. So I propose to you, the best place to soak up the atmosphere of being at the match and by that I mean, freezing your tits off stood outside. Maybe with a pie in one hand, a pint in another and generally having a mint time with the laaaaaads. 

Introducing Manchester’s latest street food hub, Project B. Complete, of course, with shipping containers, strings of fairy lights and plenty of cool graffiti. 

Indeed the focus is Beats, Bites and Beers (and football now).

And they have all of the above in abundance and beer is on offer on match days. Find pints for just a mere £2.50 throughout the match for your viewing pleasure. What a treat. 

They’ve also got the usual food on offer including popular vendors such as a Zouk pop up, Kebab Cartel and Meet No Meat. There’s also a firm festival favourite, Granddad’s Sausages, a cookie dough van and its very own Project Burger bar. 

If all that wasn’t enough there’s Beer Pong, it’s crazy uncle Golf Pong and even Basket Pong for all your competitive needs. 


Project B, 8 Albion Street, Manchester, M1 5NZ

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