NOW DELIVERING: More than just the city's BEST Spaghetti Carbonara

Manchester's oldest independent Italian are now delivering to your front door...

By Manchester's Finest | 20 May 2020

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In the 40-odd years that they’ve been serving up some fantastic Italian dishes, Don Giovanni have certainly never faced anything as bad as this COVID-19 pandemic.

Being forced to close by the government has been hard on everyone in the hospitality industry and many have been forced to adapt and change the way they do things to survive. As a result, many restaurants and bars are now offering home delivery services where they wouldn’t have ever even thought to do so in the past.

Now, I’m certainly not complaining. Being able to get restaurant-quality, traditional Italian meals delivered straight to my house is one of those things that I’ve always dreamed of – and now it’s a reality.

There’s been enough said in the past about just how good Don Giovanni’s Spaghetti Carbonara is – and now I can enjoy it in the comfort of my living room without having to mess around with pans, parmesan and those dreaded eggs.

They do, of course, offer lots more than just Spaghetti Carbonara, with a massive menu of Italian classics, as well as a few Don Giovanni specialities here and there. Lasagne, Lobster Spaghetti, Pizzas, Steaks, Tiramisu – thy’re all in here for you to get your mitts on.

Click below to check out the menu and order. Delivery is available every day from 12pm.

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