Patel's Off Licence: Delivering Craft Beers, Ales & Ciders from the Bundobust Team

Head on down to this (online) offy and you'll be in for some serious boozy delights...

By Manchester's Finest | 9 June 2020

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Of course, this is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you a little story about going to the local offy near my house as a kid, probably something along the lines of being able to buy cans of Stella for my dad at aged 7 or something.

Well, nothing like that ever happened. We didn’t really have an offy near our house, I mean, there was a shop called Cellar 5 which sold shit wine and SKOL but that was about it – the whole mega booze-filled off licence didn’t enter my life until much later.

What has the local offy got to do with anything? Well, the team from Bundobust have opened up Patel’s Off Licence, an online shop with a seriously impressive range of ales, ciders and other boozy delights.

From pale ales, Belgian lagers, wheat beers and sours – Patel has got something for every palate and mood – and they’re offering FREE shipping throughout the UK on orders over £40.

The prices are very reasonable too, with massive bottles of Austiner Helles going for just £3.30, Westmalle Dubbel for £2.30 and Schneider Tap 7 for only £2.90. Nice.

Head on over to Patel’s Off Licence below and get hammered on some top-quality beers and ciders.

Patel’s Off Licence