We popped down to try the new Asian Street Food takeover at Dive NQ - Zumu

One of the best dive bars in Manchester has recently upped their game and joined forces with Asian street food specialist Zumu to offer sushi late into the evening.

By Alex Watson | 16 August 2019

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They’re now offering up a full menu of Asian food including all the classics you could possibly dream of.  We thought it was about time to get down and give it a try.

First things first, I’ve spent many a night incredibly drunk where I have ended up in Dive. So much so you can forget it’s so much more than just the place to go at 2am.

The restaurant was full and any empty tables were reserved. It seems everyone else has caught on to this amazing kitchen take over.

Served tapas style, everything comes as and when it’s ready and you just tuck in. It was a long day and me and Ben were ready for some good food so this honestly didn’t last all that long before we’d gobbled all this banging food down.

We went for the Kamikaze Chicken Wings (£5.50). Made with Zumu’s signature sauce that was sticky, sweet and had a little hint of spice. These were truly delicious. I’m not too great with spice so chicken wings sometimes nearly kill me off. These were great though just dipping a teeny tiny bit into siracha.

You can go for an Asian without sampling the Chicken Katsu Curry (£9.75). Served as it should be with sticky rice and that infamous mild chilly sauce that you could eat straight out of the pan with a spoon. The chicken was extra, extra crunchy perfect to counteract a relatively soft textured dish.

I’m writing this at 10am and I genuinely could eat it right now, which says a lot.

We tried the Tuna Tataki (£9.80) served on a bed of ponzu dressing, the thinly sliced tuna is topped with a sprinkling of crispy shallots. This high-quality tun was lightly seared on the outside to leave just the right amount of raw, juicy meat in the middle. Dipped into siracha this was mega.

An absolute staple whenever eating Asian inspired food is Spicy Edamame (£3.50). We opted this time for spicy over salty and BOY was this a sprinkling of punchy deliciousness. These are quite possibly one of the simplest dishes ever but they are just so damn good. An absolute must-order if you’re going to Dive.

Salmon and Avocado Sushi Rolls (£6) with tobiko

These squidgy and soft delights were filled crunchy breaded chicken a refreshing slice of cucumber and a good drizzle of spicy sriracha mao. The Chicken Bao Buns (£6) weere really well done and not overpoweringly sweet as some can be. The balance from fresh cucumber actually made these a really refreshing dish.

And finally, the Beef Asparagus Sticks (£7.50). This was incredibly tender beef thinly sliced and wrapped around crunchy asparagus chunks. In the style of yakiniku, the bite-size chunks were griddled to perfection and seriously tasty.

Wash it all down with a few beers and you’ve set yourself up for a cracking night out. What’s the best news is that Dive are currently offering a 25% OFF launch offer. This offer will end soon so make sure you get down quick for some seriously tasty Asian food that’s light on your wallet.


Zumu Kitchen Pop-Up at Dive NQ 

Where: Dive NQ 
When: Every day from 12 pm
Discount: Quote ‘intro offer’ when ordering

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Dive NQ, 12 Tib St, Manchester M4 1SH
0161 826 3080