Power Up! Festival is BACK and for the first time ever it's got FORTNITE

Back for another year, Power UP! retro gaming festival is back at the Museum of Science and Industry.

By Alex Watson | 13 August 2019

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With every console, you could ever need in one place including, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, SNES, SEGA Dreamcast and the original compute game BBC Micro.  There’s also an entire area designated to Pacman, Minecraft and for the first time EVER, multiplayer online game FORTNITE.

Relive the 80s & 90s with the absolute classic and possibly best games ever made (I truly am not qualified to make such an accusation the last ‘game’ I played was Nintendo Dogs) Mario Brothers AND Sonic the Hedgehog.

The game I played before that was Simpsons Hit and Run. It’s a terrific game. However, my 10 year old self was boring and loved just driving around on it, including stopping at stop signs. I’m not even that good of a driver now so I dunno why I bothered practising back then.

Picture © Jason Lock Photography

Anyway, I’ve gone a bit off piste, if you like driving games (like me – that’s how I got there), then they’ve got Destruction Derby and Road Rash for you to get all your road rage out on without getting arrested.

There are also loads of multiplayer games including Mario Kart 8, Minecraft and the classic arcade games Metal Slug, Frogger and Street Fighter.

It’s a great opportunity to not only relive the 80’s but see how gaming technology has advanced over 4 decades (did that just make you feel old?).

Evening-only sessions will take place on Friday 10th August and Friday 17th August, giving the opportunity to play 18-only games including DOOM, Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto.


Power Up! @ Science & Industry Museum

When: Friday August 3rd – Sunday 17th August
ADULT ONLY SESSIONS: 24th July, 7th & 21st August

Cost: £12 

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Science and Industry Museum, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4FP