See 1 Million LEGO Bricks like you've never seen them before...

Los-Angeles based artist, Nathan Sawaya creates stunning sculptures out of the tiny little toy blocks.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 11 November 2019

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Being the first contemporary artist to use LEGO as an art medium showcasing stunning and jaw-dropping sculptures using the iconic LEGO bricks carefully placed with artistic skill.

The Art of the Brick exhibition has been touring the world for 15 years and is making a return to the UK choosing Manchester as the city to reside in.

The Art of Brick features a range of 3D sculptures and oversized portraits from Sawaya’s collection all built from the standard LEGO brick. Well-known pieces includes My Boy, Dinosaur and captivating recreations such as the Mona Lisa.

Sawaya’s work is obsessively and painstakingly constructed playing with the materials, it’s colours and the way light and perspective can be used to alter the household brick into iconic artwork that has created a new cultural movement, merging Pop Art and Surrealism.

When talking about why he chose LEGO as his medium, Nathan expresses the reactions in people it invokes, particularly with everyone recognising and the material sparking memories for everyone. He also explains that LEGO breaks are clean with distinct right angles and lines. When comparing this with life and perspective, he explains that up close his work shows the shape of the brick but from a distance the angles and lines can be used to create curves.

The exhibition has broken attendance records around the globe, visiting over 80 cities in 24 countries. It opens in Manchester on Friday 22nd November at 10am.


The Art of the Brick

When: Friday 22nd November – April 2020
Where: The Great Northern Warehouse
Cost: £14.50

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