Review Your Food Deliveries from Home for Manchester's Finest

People are going to get pretty bored during this lock-down, so why not get creative and get published on our platforms!

By Ben Brown | Last updated March 23rd '20

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I should probably say at this point, this isn't a job advertisement - it's a bit of fun whilst we're all in this rather difficult situation. We thought it would be nice to let some of our followers have a creative outlet to keep themselves busy and sane even! We are open to ANYTHING but please be aware - we are a POSITIVE AFFIRMATION platform - we're not negative, nasty or political. So get creative and send us your reviews on food deliveries, new routines you've found yourselves in due to self-isolation, anything you think would make an interesting story. You can send us your content in all forms of media too - whether it's a full-on article to be published on the website, a video selfie review or even just a few comments in an email that might spur us on to include you in a social post - we're keen to just hear from you guys! Send your content to and he'll get back to you. Thanks, good luck and stay safe out there x x x