Someone is now delivering VHS movies & Retro Snacks during lockdown!

The service is also FREE for anyone over 70...

By Manchester's Finest | 21 May 2020

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There’s a bloke called Andy Johnson in Liverpool who owns the UK’s last video shop – VideOdyssey. He’s collected videos since he was 8 years old, now amassing over 10,000 VHS tapes, and selling them in an old Take Two video shop on the Wirral.

He’s now taken to offering up a delivery service throughout the region, acting as a ‘Video Van Man‘ driving through the streets dropping off VHS tapes, retro snacks and even vintage TVs to hire if you don’t have a VHS player.

His collection features a HUGE range of movies and TV shows that aren’t available on streaming services (or anywhere else) – so you can catch that old episode of Turtles that you’ve not seen for 30 years or a copy of Samurai Cop that you can watch while getting hammered.

Starting from £24 (including delivery), you’ll get 10 videos and retro snacks, and if you’re over 70 – Andy will do it all for FREE! Top lad.

Speaking from his film studios in Toxteth, VideOdyssey owner Andy said: “This is a strange and worrying time for everybody. With all this uncertainty about what will happen with people self-isolating for weeks, I felt people might like to take comfort in a trip down memory lane. Nostalgia is a powerful medicine. In times of distress, it’s good to take solace in what always seems like the simpler days of the past.

“When lockdown was imposed, I immediately thought of all the people who come to see us in the last two years and how so many commented on how nostalgia makes them feel better. How it works is we will deliver a nostalgia SOS pack to your door, ring the bell and stand back to a safe distance while you collect it in. We will then collect it 24 days later – or update your movie selection on request. You can send us a list of your 5 favourite film actors and we’ll bring 10 tapes, a player and retro goodies to make you feel better.

“Also if you’ve got tapes or VCRs to donate which you no longer want – we can collect them for the cause.”


You can contact Andy via email on:

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