Someone's created their very own Manchester Lockdown Monopoly!

Guess what's instead of Mayfair!?

By Manchester's Finest | 21 April 2020

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Even though it usually either ends up in a fight, a divorce or both – Monopoly is loved by millions. Except me of course – I’m much more of a Buckaroo guy – it’s quicker, easier and much more exciting.

There’s no denying that Monopoly is a great game though and some industrious Manc has created a brand-new version just for lockdown – and you can print it off for free!

Barandstool1993 has put the board up on Imgur, with the printable cards available soon. You start off on your couch and the usual Monopoly rules apply – except this time you’re buying things around your house and city.

Community Chest is replaced by ‘Chest of Sanitation’, Free Parking is now ‘You’ve made the bed! Collect the pot.’ and Mayfair? Well, of course that’s the most valuable commodity of them all – ‘Loo Roll’

Click on the link below to download the board, and don’t forget to give Barandstool1993 a big thank you before you do.


Manchester Lockdown Monopoly