10 Spots for the Best Bloody Mary in Manchester

Although a classic, it takes some know-how to get it spot on.

Some like it hot, some want it to burn your taste buds away and some want to sip on it for enjoyment. These bars compiled have managed to nail both the healing properties and tastiness required for that perfect Bloody Mary.

Luckily for those who champion the drink for an acquired taste, Manchester doesn’t half fashion a bloody good one…

Eat New York – The Bagel Shop
The Bloody Mary at The Bagel Shop on Oldham Street is truly magnificent – incorporating so many of the elements of this fantastic place all into one drink. To make it they utilise the lovely seasoning from their Ruben sandwiches, a concoction that has been described by some people (me) as “better than crack”, which they add to tomato juice, Worcester Sauce, Tabasco and Finlandia Vodka. As a final flourish they add a fried pickle and mac and cheese stick to the top – just to show you that they mean business.

Eat New York – The Bagel Shop, 64 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE
0800 689 3896


The Bay Horse Tavern
Not only does this place offer the best chips in the city, they also offer the best selection of crisps, some top beers and of course – a belting Bloody Mary. Perfect alongside a breakfast menu that’s available until 4pm their Bloody Mary is a belter – complete with a healthy kick of Sriracha, Maggi and lemon for that ultimate citrus tang. They also offer a great Red Snapper with gin instead of vodka – if that’s your thing of course.

The Bay Horse Tavern, 35-37 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1NA
0161 669 5799


I must admit to finding Cottonopolis’ Bloody Mary my complete favourite Bloody Mary in the city – and I’ve tried plenty of them. Not only is it available as part of their bloody brilliant weekend Bottomless Brunch offering, but it could well be a treat all on its own – coming festooned with silky tomato juice, the perfect level of spice and enough vodders to down a medium-sized mammal. It had plenty of twang – very much like them tomato crisps you used to buy from the tuck shop at school, but much, much better.

Cottonopolis, 16 Newton St, Manchester M1 2AE
0161 236 5144


Producers of some of the greatest brunch dishes in the city, Fress have brought a welcome dose of quality food and drink to Oldham Street this year, and their Bloody Mary continues their quest for providing the best. Sitting down with their Smashed Avocado with some crispy bacon and an ice-cold Bloody Mary is pretty much better than sex – mostly because when you’re hungover, the idea of flopping around while sweaty and naked definitely doesn’t appeal – but stuffing your face does. The cocktail comes with its own little bottle of Tabasco which is so cute, you could give it to a child for Christmas.

Fress, 62 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE
0161 236 0856


Trof boasts a fiery number topped with a cucumber garnish, ticking all the right boxes and quenching your undoubted thirst. Although on the pricey side, it’s well worth every penny spent to adhere to your demonic weekend headache. From the glass it comes in to the laid back atmosphere, Trof is up there as a perfect setting to enjoy a Bloody Mary.

Trof NQ, 8 Thomas St, Manchester M4 1EU
0161 833 3197


Harvey Nichols
Get yourself into the Second Floor Restaurant and Bar in Harvey Nics for Brunch and you can enjoy one of the best and classiest Bloody Mary’s in town. It’s a winner for me mainly because of the addition of liquid smoke and Chipotle flavourings – elevating the humble tomato to a whole new dimension. It will sort your head right out and is pretty much a spicy meal in a glass – with an added Finlandia vodka kick to get you up and about for the rest of the day.

Harvey Nichols Second Floor Bar and Brasserie, 21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester M1 1AD
0161 828 8898


El Capo
Now, this Mexican cantina in the Northern Quarter value their Bloody Mary’s so much, they serve two variations – the classic and a Bloody Maria, served with tequila and lime instead of vodka and lemon. The latter can be deliciously enjoyed on a night out, I personally wouldn’t attempt to heal a sore head with it, but it’s a firm kick in the teeth of the classic. Bloody Marys and Marias alike can be enjoyed all through the week at El Capo, but also worth a try is their Sunday Service extravaganza; consisting of burritos, quesadilla, nachos, wings and sides and a Bloody Mary all for £14.

El Capo, 12 Tariff St, Manchester M1 2FF
0161 237 3154


The Koffee Pot
Champions of the humble breakfast, The Koffee Pot have mastered the art of serving up fried bacon, sausages and the perfect eggs to the great hungover masses of the Northern Quarter. Not only this but they also offer a truly wondrous Bloody Mary to go with your fry-up for only £4.50.

The Koffee Pot, 84-86 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LE
0161 236 8918


Red’s True BBQ
The Bloody Mary you will find at Red’s True BBQ is exactly what you’d expect from them – spicy, strong and with plenty of BBQ flavours. They put their Devil Wing sauce in there and finish it off with their own beef rub on the rim to create a drink that goes perfect with their meat and will sort your hangover out in no time.

Red’s True Barbecue, 22 Lloyd St, Manchester M2 5WA
0161 402 0142


For a no-frills, authentic recipe that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a bloody good spicy tomato juice – head to Gorilla and it won’t even break the bank at just £5 on Sunday. A wonderful accompaniment to Gorilla’s mouth-watering Sunday dinner – your hangover will be gone in one fell swoop.

Gorilla, 54-56 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW
0161 826 2998


I’ve never actually had a Bloody Mary in Volta I’m afraid, but I’ve been told, from an incredibly reliable source, that they are very, very good. The cocktail contains everything you could desire to fix your hangover and the staff are so bloody helpful that they let you choose your ‘level’ of spice – perfect for anyone who likes their Mary to have the ability to melt their innards to oblivion. My source Kate went for a 7 out of 10 which she describes as ‘being cocky’ and so I’ll leave it up to you to pick your number. Anyone who goes for less than a 5 though – get out.

Volta, 167 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LN
0161 448 8887



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