The GIANT Deep-Fried Pig in Blanket wrapped in Yorkshire Pudding!

It doesn't get much more Christmassy than that.

By Alex Watson | 15 December 2020

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The folk behind the popular delight that graces the Yorkshire Pudding Wrap, Porky Pig Carvery have now come up with something that makes Christmas food even better.

The ‘chip chop-style’ meal has a battered pig in blanket as the main filling, completely smothered in gravy and onions before being enclosed in a giant Yorkshire pudding.

The whole thing is then sealed like a toastie to keep everything piping hot.

With the markets not taking place this year, Porky Pig Carvery won’t be able to provide it’s usual festive offering however they are available to take away and enjoy at home.

That’s not the only festive addition to the menu, you can also grab a giant Christmas dinner, a classic brie and cranberry melt and pork and stuffing baguette.

Porky Pig Carvery

Keeping on the giant theme, you could opt for the turkey dinner served in a whopping great big Yorkshire pudding or a massive tray of roasties covered in gravy and battered cranberry sprouts.

Of course the popular Yorkshire Pudding Wrap will also be available, stuffed with your choice of ham, beef, pork or chicken before being topped up with gravy, (plain, mint or onion) and finished off with seasonal veg and stuffing.

Porky Pig is available on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.