Things to do in Manchester this week: 30th November - 6th December

It's our Christmas party today. I promise I've not rushed this though. Promise.

By Ben Brown | Last updated 3 December 2018

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For the Love of Sci-Fi
Friday 30th November, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December
I’m always a little bit sceptical about any event happening at Bowlers, but that’s only because I’ve seen so many reports in the MEN about badly organised events where people have to queue up 4 hours for a hot dog and a pint and it all kicks off. Well, I’m sure that ‘For the Love of Sci-Fi’ won’t be like that – and if you’re a fan of anything that involves lasers, you’re going to love this. I think I should just list the legends who will be here this weekend for you….

●  Carl fucking Weathers! Apollo Creed everyone!!
●  Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura!!
●  Bill Duke from Commando & Predator and every other 80’s action movie ever!
●  Lou Ferringno! THE INCREDIBLE HULK!
●  Elliot out of ET! (and also the young dad in The Haunting of House Hill)
●  80’s hottie Brigitte Nielsen!
●  Gaten Matarazzo (Justin) and Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) from Stranger Things!
& Ray Parker Jr will actually be singing LIVE!

Good that innit!!

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Grub Xmas Food Fair at Fairfield Social Club
Friday 30th November, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd December
GRUB is back! Well, if we’re being honest with each other – it’s never really gone anywhere but they’ve re-badged it and it’s now the ‘GRUB Christmas Food Fair’. For the next 4 weekends they’ll be continuing to bring us Mancunians the best street food from all over this belligerent island, alongside some great tunes, loads of booze and hopefully some big, thick fleece blankets. This weekend sees some personal favourites turning up including Latin American street food from Yakumama and the gang from The Gravy Train Poutine. For the full line up – click the lovely looking button below.

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The Bagel Shop Birthday & upcloseandpersonalmcr
Friday 30th & Saturday 1st December
They’ve got a proper busy weekend down at Eat New York’s Bagel Shop this weekend, with two massive parties kicking off. In the interest of word count and efficiency I have therefore lumped them both into one handy paragraph for you. Friday sees the Bagel Shop turn 1-year-old, which is brilliant – well done gang! To celebrate they’re throwing plenty of FREE bagels and booze about as well as some top tunes. Saturday sees upcloseandpersonalmcr turn up with the amazing DJ Paulette, alongside a Tech house performance with Weedot from Pir Radio and Roisin Walsh.

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Cottonopolis Asahi Launch Party with Danny Krivit
Saturday 1st December
Cottonopolis have been carefully selected by Japanese lager brand Asahi to be their Manchester ‘flagship bar’ and it means that they’re having a massive great big party this Saturday. It also means that they’ve somehow managed to draft in legendary New York DJ Danny Krivit who will be bringing his own unique NY disco to our dark, cold city. He’s DJ’ed pretty much everywhere over the last 40 years including Studio 54, The Loft, Paradise Garage and The Woolpack in Emmerdale once after he took a wrong turn on his way to Leeds. This will be a fucking belter and guess what – it’s FREE! Oh and remember at the beginning when I was talking about Asahi? Well I find it highly unlikely that they won’t be throwing free beers around too.

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Wilder v Fury at Black Dog Ballroom NWS
Saturday 1st December
Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not sure many people really give much of a toss about this fight. Sure, there are loads of billboards dotted around the city from BT Sport – telling us that it’s going to be the best fight of the year or something, but why would they need the billboards in the first place if it was already going to be a good one? Perhaps I’m wrong, I mean, after all – I know fuck all about boxing anyway. All I do know is that the last time I saw Tyson Fury he looked like Jabba the Hutt had let himself go – so we will see. Oh, and don’t tell Mr. Fury that I said that please. If you’re looking to watch the fight – I’d say head to Black Dog NWS – they’re always reliable when it comes to the sport.

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Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds
Sunday 2nd December

The chances of anything coming from Mars
Are a million to one, he said

Well thanks a lot Jeff Wayne! Last week after hearing you say that over the radio I went down to BetFred and popped £500 on that. I was looking at a cool £500m in return but all I’ve got now is British Gas chewing my arse off and a bloody great big fucking 3-legged Martian trying to kill me. It’s gone and ruined my garden for one. Yeah, cheers mate. I mean I was going to pop down and see your little show that you’ve done but I don’t think I will now. You can stick it where the Martian sun doesn’t shine. Wait. That’s our sun too.

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From Tuesday 4th December
Anyone who has ever spent a full 3-week holiday listening to the Original Broadway recording of Wicked will be understandably excited for its arrival this week at The Palace. The ‘untold’ story of the Wizard of Oz, for people who’ve not listened, watched it or read the book, it’s taken from the perspective of the Wicked Witch of the West, who seems to have become significantly more attractive since we last saw her in the 1930’s. Now she’s all dolled up with some 5 denier tights, a significantly less crooked nose and a much more beautiful voice. I was looking this week and you can get single tickets for only £25 too – great for all us people with no friends.

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Quingo: A Quiz & Bingo Mash-up at Electrikbox
Tuesday 4th December
A visit to Hatch now and the newly opened Electrik Box. On Tuesday they’re hosting QuiNGO – a pop culture quiz that has been all mashed up with bingo. I’m not entirely sure how that works but as a fan of both bingo and quizzes – it sounds brilliant. Not only this but the gang from Camden Town Brewery will also be hosting a ‘Camden Shout’ event which basically means there will be a shit load of free beer flying around – make sure you get there early though – I think it’ll be a busy one. Oh and do some revision over the weekend.

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Five Course Christmas Wines Dinner at Brasserie Abode
Wednesday 5th December
This week sees the next in Brasserie Abode’s excellent Wine Dinner events and this week they are, naturally, choosing Christmas Wines. So alongside a lovely 5 course meal you’ll taste some top notch Christmas Wines and get to hear all about them from a wine expert from Hallgarten Wines. To be fair to you – I don’t have a clue what a Christmas Wine is. Is it mulled wine? Bucks Fizz? I dunno. Perhaps I should head on down and find out for myself instead of sitting here trying to think of gags.

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Urban Lights at Hatch
Thursday 6th December
Urban Narnia is in full swing now down at Hatch and this week they’re adding something a little bit different – Light Graffiti. As you can see from the picture above, it’s a sort of camera trick with a long exposure and a torch where you can make shapes around a person. You will also see that in the picture above I look like a right miserable old sod. That may be the case, but it was only because I was cold and hungry at the time. There’s no way that you won’t be all smiles come Thursday. Alongside the light graffiti will be some live DJing from James Holroyd and Matthew Krysko, as well as the usual top bit of street food, shops and boozers.

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Destiny’s Child: A 16-piece Orchestra Perform the Greatest Hits
Thursday 6th December
I don’t think it’s a secret around here that I have a severe disliking for Beyoncé Knowles. She can go suck an egg. But the strange thing is – grab her, plonk her with them other two that were in Destiny’s Child and I start to like her again. I think it must be because of the significant damage to her ego that performing in a band does to her – makes me warm up to her a little bit. Oh, and also – how much does Kelly Rowland look like Donna Summer? Answer; they’re the exact same person. At some point in the future Kelly Rowland invents time travel, goes back to the 70’s and starts making hits. Anyway, this concert will recreate all of your favourite Destiny’s Child hits but with a full 16-piece orchestra. Obviously.

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