Tip Pot – The UK’s First Cashless Tipping App

Ready for this Saturday, the UK's first cashless tipping app is here...

Launched at a time when the country is heading fast towards a cashless society, Tip Pot is the UK’s first cashless tipping app – offering customers a way to tip remotely across a wide range of establishments.

Tips can be given remotely at any place, including the comfort of your own home, and at any time. Previous cashless tipping systems have required customers to be on business premises in order to leave a tip.

Tip Pot requires no hardware or terminal, since everything is done through the app.

With an increasing number of businesses no longer handling cash in an attempt to curb the spread of infection the new app is an immediate solution for establishments worrying about how to facilitate contactless tipping in the future.

For businesses, Tip Pot means no more wasted management costs spent organising a tronc system, the system will do everything for you. The app also mitigates the risk of lost revenue for staff with the unquestionable move to a cashless society.

Tip Pot can make the process of collecting, distributing and reporting on tips easier, more transparent and safer.

For customers, Tip Pot can reduce the social anxiety that can be presented by tipping on card readers or presented with a physical terminal; it gives the customer the opportunity to tip retrospectively and in a way they are comfortable with – which means they are much more likely to do it again.

Tip Pot gives establishments and their staff an opportunity, in real-time to see the “pot” created by tips received. Tip Pot doesn’t change or replace any incumbent tronc system or any of the legal obligations that establishments are required to meet; it simply digitalises the process.

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