Top 5 Instagram Accounts We’re Following This Month (Dec 2019)

A list of the best Instagram accounts that we guarantee will bring joy to your newsfeed and life.

By Alex Watson | 17 December 2019

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A small account ran by three lads on a mission (I’m guessing) to eat all the food in Manchester. They’re off to a terrific start and regularly review small butty shops, something I consider to be the holy grail of food, and indeed, they truly are the backbone of this society. There’s nothing better than when you’re working from home, nip 2 mins down the road and get a delicious ham butty with egg salad and a jam slice for the road. These lads know just that. The reviews on these butty shops are detailed too, exactly what we like to see. And if that wasn’t enough, they write in their accents and Man United get a periodic mention. A proper Mancunian addition to the food scene in town. 


The best thing to come out of social media is the growing list of meme accounts and the number of accounts poking fun at the celebrities that continually sell us terrible products. These types of accounts aim to bring us joy, and that @paul_danan_official definitely does. Paul Danan is an ex c-list celebrity who starred in Hollyoaks for a 4-year stint, he also featured on the 2006 Celebrity Love Island (didn’t even know that existed). He also has nothing to do with this account. Owned by 3 London based lads, the account pokes fun at our favourite 90s celebs at just the right time, using ‘Paul Danan’s’ old disposable camera pictures and weirdly accurate renditions of events. The humour is never malicious and is instead, just a bloody good laugh. If you don’t follow already, you need to do it now. Even if it’s just to see the fantastic 90s pictures on your homepage. 


Another of our favourite Manchester-based accounts is @manc_wanderer. It’s filled with Mancunian delights from all over the city. There’s plenty of gig pictures and buildings looking sexier than you ever thought they could. It’s the perfect place to find any hidden gems of the city, in particular, the architecture you didn’t even know existed. We love food (I’m sure you know that) but a Manchester-based blog without any food pics is a very refreshing addition to your newsfeed!


This account just has to be the sweetest, most un-offensive account there is. Andrew travels the world, one man, one campervan and one dog. His black and white Border Collie is by far the cutest and good-est boy there is. He’s called Momo and you can find him all over the world in a modern-day version of Where’s Wally? He perfectly recreates the same pose with beautiful and heartwarming puppy dog eyes for every photo all over the world. He also looks like he’s smiling too. But maybe that’s all in my head. 10 points if you find Momo in that picture and 10/10 for this Instagram, simply because of that damn dog’s face.  


In case you missed out on what might just be the greatest thing to grace Instagram this year, I introduce to you, @depopdrama. If you’ve ever sold anything on Depop you’ll know just how mental the questions can be. For instance, can they see the armpits in case there are sweat stains, can they see it next to a shower curtain for size reference, all things that literally make no sense. A personal favourite is the suggestion of a swap on a shirt jacket for a forklift. It is a guaranteed laugh and you will almost definitely say ‘WTF’.