Top 5 Relaxing Online Streams & Virtual Tours

We all could do with some relaxation during this lockdown period...

By Manchester's Finest | November 12th '20

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  Lockdown isn't very good for us. Not only does it make it 10z easier to just grab a bottle of Prosecco at 11am and get on it - being cooped up in our houses also isn't very good for our wellbeing. At all. So to help you relax we've scoured the internet for the best virtual online streams and tours of some of the most relaxing attractions and events - so just grab a cuppa, pop these on the telly and have some 'me time'... Aurora Borealis in Finland Even though you've not got Principal Skinner's kitchen, you can still catch the Aurora Borealis - also known as the Northern Lights - from within your own home with this live stream all the way from the snowy landscape of Lapland, or for those of you who don't believe in Santa - Finland. Just like if you travelled there for real, you're never guaranteed to actually see the Northern Lights but it's much cheaper and much more relaxing to watch this live cam than it is to head over there, spend a load of money and come back empty-handed. Watch It   Museo Frida Kahlo Google has teamed up with an impressive array of museums and galleries throughout the world to deliver virtual tours and experiences during the COVID pandemic. There's loads to choose from but probably the best, and one of the most relaxing is the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City. Set in her house, you can explore the rooms as well as the stunning garden outside - all while learning about the life and works of the woman herself. Watch It   Elephants at Tembe Elephant Park I've just clicked on this live steam in South Africa and was thoroughly impressed to actually see a load of elephants milling around, having fun and enjoying themselves - all before my very eyes. Not only is it relaxing, it's also really interesting - they actually act like mates down the boozer - jostling and having a laugh with each other. I just watched one of them fling some shit at the other too - always a great gag. Watch It   International Space Station Live Cam There's a couple of cameras strapped to the side of the International Space Station and NASA have given us the opportunity to tune in and see what's going on. Not only will you see the astronauts doing what they do best, you'll also see outside the window at the glory of the Earth in all of it's round majesty. It's like all the best bits of being an astronaut but without the fear, heights and potential death around every corner. Watch It   Monterey Bay Aquarium There's nothing more relaxing than watching some fish swim around, it's the main reason why dentist waiting rooms always have a fish tank - it chills patients out before they get their skull drilled out. The Aquarium in Monterey Bay in California have set up a load of live cams in their tanks - so you can watch fish, sharks, turtles or whatever takes your fancy. They're all very relaxing. Watch It