The Top LIVE Workout Classes Available in Manchester

The gyms have now closed so we're turning to LIVE fitness classes to stay fit.

By Alex Watson | Last updated 23 March 2020

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Hero is a brand new fitness studio in the new Moda Livings building. They’ve changed their classes virtual and are offering a full week timetable of classes including yoga, sculpt and HIIT classes. All hosted by their professional trainers and streamed live from their studios.

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Founded by a doctor, TribeMCR is offering FREE fitness classes to help combat any effects whether that be mental, physical or social from working from home. The classes have been designed to not require any equipment suitable for you to do in your living room and for all skill levels. They’re also promoting kids participating!

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Barry’s Bootcamp

If you’re missing out on your usual group sessions that push you to your limits you can opt for a live Barry’s Bootcamp class. Classes include lower body weight, abs and ass focussed and even live chats with mental health experts helping to relieve the stress and anxieties of the current climate.

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The Body Coach

He might just be the father of online workouts so he’s obviously turning to help the world get fit while gyms are closed. He’s become a self-confessed ‘Nations PE Teacher’. As schools have closed, he’s hosting live PE sessions starting from next week to keep kids active, happy and entertained.

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Sam is a PT based in Manchester who has started sharing LIVE home workouts on her Instagram. Keep up to date on her socials for more classes you can get involved with!

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Chessie King

The big sister and best friend of Instagram is Chessie King. If you ever need a sprinkle of positivity, you need to turn to her. She’s started a ‘Social Discoing’ every morning from 9am. The aim is to create one big dance party, encouraging individuals to get their housemates, kids, dogs and whoever involved. So get involved and have a happy dance in the morning.

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