The Weekly Drool #019 - The Sharer Tray at Parmogeddon

The Sharer Tray truly is Parmogeddon.

By Alex Watson | 20 December 2019

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If you’ve had the luxury of travelling up north for around 3 hours, the likelihood of you knowing exactly what ‘Parmo’ is is well high. If you haven’t, I’m sorry because in about 2 minutes you’re gonna be dead hungry.

Regularly regarded as the best thing you’ll ever eat, The Parmo is usually built from a chicken breast, breaded and deep-fried, loaded with white béchamel sauce and plenty of cheese. And that is the basis to it.

It’s even voted the 20th best dish from British Takeaways. 

Now if you’ve not got the time, money or you just can’t be arsed travelling all that way, the closest thing you’ll get to the real stuff is now available in Corner Boy in the Northern Quarter as the aptly named Parmogeddon has taken over their kitchen.

Now, I know a few people from the Boro and knew exactly what this dish entailed after hearing about it at least 2 times a day. But I’d still never had it before this and MY GOD is it good.

Naturally, we went all out and got the biggest thing on the menu. So here, I introduce to you, The Sharer from Parmogeddon. 

So what’s on it? I know – you’re all on the edge of your seats. Ok deep breath because A LOT comes on it, including Two Parmo Butties comprised of the usual Parmo in a toasted brioche bun packed with rocket, Parmogeddon slaw and a homemade garlic sauce.

There’s also something that is worth singing home about and that is the Chips. I know we’re really talking about the Parmo but these chips are heavenly, seasoned with a perfect spicy salt and served with garlic sauce, hot sauce and BBQ ketchup.

Get a little mix going of all three for a flavour explosion.

Next is the Cheesus Nuggets, one of your five a day, inside these little nugs you’ll find bitesize cauliflowers pieces, béchamel and a crap tonne of cheese.

And finally, The Gravy. Oh god this gravy. A chicken-based gravy that’s got plenty of spice and all things nice.

Safe to say, a Parmo remains one of the best things you’ll ever eat, accompany it with chips, cheese, gravy and a hell of a lot of Northern stereotypes and you’ve got yourself a feast that you will not want to end.