What can you do with a Christmas in Tier 3?

"I am disappointed in today's decision to keep Greater Manchester in Tier 3."

By Manchester's Finest | 22 December 2020

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Words from Sacha Lord there – which likely emulate the entire population of Greater Manchester after today’s decision to keep the region in Tier 3, regardless of free-falling infection rates in most areas.

Of course, the infection rates throughout the UK as a whole are increasing, in particular in London, but it seems like the region’s pubs, bars and restaurants are getting very little to look forward to this Christmas.

Similarly, we’re all a bit fed up with this now. All we want is a few cold pints after work in a pub, or a slap up meal somewhere, but alas – it’s out of our grasp until at least the 1st January 2020.

In the meantime though, there are still plenty of ways you can continue to support your local independent businesses, as well as having yourself a half-decent Christmas along the way…

Shops are still OPEN

The government have allowed retail shops to remain open during Tier 3 and so you can still pick up all of those presents for all of your loved ones. I’ll always say you should support your independents and, as you know, Manchester has a wealth of creatives on hand who’ve made a load of mint stuff for you…

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A Christmas of Deliveries and Takeouts

Many of the city’s bars and restaurants will continue to offer up their deliveries and takeouts right up until Christmas and afterwards. There are tons of places offering up Christmas Dinner Deliveries – so you don’t have to bother with roasting a turkey, plus plenty of booze deliveries, hampers and more.

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Don’t let it ruin Christmas

There’s still the couple of days ‘off’ over Christmas where you can see your family in the same household (as long as you don’t go too ‘crazy’ apparently) so Christmas isn’t entirely cancelled.

So just have a nice relaxing holiday from all of this shite, chill out, play Monopoly, watch the Queen’s speech and drink too much port with your cheese.

Have a Merry Christmas (and a few stiff ones) on us!