You can now 'WALK THE WOODIE' at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!

Don't just ride the rollercoaster - walk up the bloody thing...

By Manchester's Finest | 16 March 2021

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Some of the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach are world-renowned for how old and relatively ‘rickety’ they are.

Prime example of this was the notorious Wild Mouse ride which before they got rid of it, would give you whiplash and nightmares no matter what your age.

One of the most famous rollercoasters at the Pleasure Beach is the classic, wooden ride imaginatively named ‘The Rollercoaster’ which opened up way back in 1933.

The ride was plonked on the site of the park’s very first rollercoaster – The Velvet Coaster – which was forced to close when the council built a road down the side of the park in the early 30s. It was an instant hit, and has been thrilling visitors for well over 80 years now.

Recently the rollercoaster was painted orange and renamed ‘The Nickelodeon Streak’ but it’s essentially exactly the same as it was all of those years ago.

Now, Blackpool Pleasure Beach have created the opportunity for visitors to ‘Walk The Woodie’ – esentially strapping yourself into a harness, putting a stupid (but safe) helmet on your bonce and walking up to the top of the rollercoaster.

If you’re scared of heights then this is probably a no-go, but if you like a bit of excitement and like to look at the rooftops of terraced houses beside the sea – this will be very enjoyable indeed.

It’ll also be enjoyable because you can tell your mum that you’ve been walking a woodie when she asks what you’ve been up to.

Bookings for ‘Walk The Woodie’ are open now…

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