You've got 60 minutes to stop a missile strike that endangers the entire world! What do you do!?

Back by popular demand, Sabotage has a new home in the NQ.

By Alex Watson | 27 August 2019

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One of the original rooms way back, when Breakout used to be near the town hall (god remember that, when we’d have to walk all the way down there, thank god it’s on my doorstep now, eh?), SABOTAGE has a new home in the NQ.

Being the staff’s favourite room and then being stripped away from them I can only imagine there’s been a few arguments in the Breakout office over the past year or so.

Well, persistence is key to getting what you want. Because the staff got their favourite room back and we couldn’t be more excited.

Sabotage sees you going deep behind enemy territory to stop a missile strike that endangers the entire world. There’s just 60 minutes before it launches and you have to use your secret agent skills, break into the control centre, which OF COURSE, is hidden behind a gazillion locks, puzzles and riddles.

Once you’re in you’ve gotta figure out how to stop the launch or you will literally (not) die because missiles are lean, mean, killing machines.

Anyway, the room officially launches (pun, very much so intended) Friday 30th August.

Keep tight, I’m deffo getting down to try this one out for you all very soon and will let know you if it is AW approved.


at Breakout Manchester

Open from Friday 30th August
Breakout 36 High St, Manchester M4 1QB

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