2084: An immersive production of Orwell's dystopian novel comes to the Central Library

Taking the audience inside a totalitarian state, every act, word and thought will be monitored.

By Ben Brown | 6 February 2019

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In the era of Facebook, Google and Amazon, when everyone is tracked, analysed and influenced, George Orwell’s powerful vision has never been closer to realisation.

This new production is set in a future where the state claims be the only guarantor of order, but order comes at the price of absolute obedience. 2084 tells the story of two people who defy the regime and find that their intimate secrets are turned against them with shattering consequences.

This immersive experience in Manchester Central Library places the audience at the heart of the action. Each person must decide what price they would pay to defy a regime that seeks to control them.


Writer Adam Taub comments; “When it was published, Orwell’s novel shocked readers with itsvision of the future. 2084 updates that vision and explores how fragile are the freedoms that we take for granted.


2084 at Manchester Central Library

Dates: Tuesday 5th – Thursday 14th February 2019
Cost: £15pp

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Manchester Central Library, St Peter’s Square, Manchester, M2 5PD