A 9 Year Old's Review on Quirki: Cirque Surreal at The Trafford Centre

Who needs The Greatest Showman for the kids when you’ve got Cirque Surreal’s Quirki at the Trafford Centre over the half-term holidays?

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 25 October 2019

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Set in a red and white striped big top, Gandey Productions’ latest circus incarnation transports you away from the Peel Avenue car park where it’s situated to a magical world of wonder and delight!

There’s a plethora of incredible performers who contort, walk across tightropes and acrobat like you’ve never seen before. I spent the majority of the show with my mouth open, gasping at the stunts on display – all done without safety nets, might I add!

Stand out moments for me and the family included a nail-biting space wheel as a fearless duo took to the heights whilst the wheel spun around mid-air plus the show’s finale of not one, not two but three motor bikers doing high speed tricks inside a small metal cage. I defy you not to come out feeling exhilarated but also surprised at what you have seen.

Not only does the show get your heart pumping but also gets your feet tapping with some great rhythmic music and lovely vocals from a few of the female performers.

There’s a real essence of Mexico throughout from the ‘clown’ security guard Chico Rico who’s had a few too many drinks (one of the funniest modern clowns I’ve ever seen) to Day of the Dead themed routines which are amazing.

A special mention to the laser lady who stole the show with her unique light display, moving neon beams with her hands set to pumping rave music…a definite contender for next year’s Britain’s Got Talent.

All in all, this was a brilliant, entertaining night, perfect for all the family. It got a big thumbs up from my 9-year-old and 5-year-old.

If you don’t believe me…

Daisy’s verdict – aged 9…

Cirque Surreal host a fabulous half term showstopper based at the Intu Trafford Centre. This is definitely a show for all the family with friendly interaction with the audience and in between the performances. There’s also some funny gestures from the clown and some amazing effects to watch!

The performers show off a vibrant display of beautiful energetic dancing, getting us all on our feet. There’s also lots of activities to do during the interval too, from mini tents of wonder, food, drink and face-painting.

It starts off themed like the film Night at the Museum but goes on to celebrate different countries, all with outstanding sets and breath-taking stunts. My favourite part was when the clown tried to throw popcorn into some of the audience’s mouth-it made me laugh a lot.

This is a great show to visit over half-term and me and my little brother loved it!


Cirque Surreal – Quirki

Venue: Intu Trafford Centre
Date: Until Sunday 3rd November
Cost: Tickets from £15.95

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