A 64-Year Old Rapping Granny & A Posessed Vicar's Wife: The Film Festival celebrating Women Over 50

The Women Over 50 Film Festival celebrates the work of older women in front of and behind the camera.

By Emma Davidson | Last updated 12 August 2022

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Taking place from Wednesday 10th – Sunday 31st August, the WOFFF returns to HOME on First Street with two programmes that delve into the incredible work of female filmmakers, actors and those behind the scenes.

This year, HOME is showcasing films with a big focus on pride, celebrating art made by and about queer filmmakers with older women at their very core.

Both programmes featuring as part of HOME’s programme this year include fascinating stories that span underwater dancing, menopausal rage, a 64-year old rapper, a posessed vicar’s wife and an Egyptian woman who catches fish by hand.

All short films, some of the screenings include; #DaugherFail – an animated queer story of a mother in a care home who has her secrets uncovered and a reuinon thwarted by COVID-19, and Nene – a film about a retired painter living in the Philipines who is visited by her daughter and grandson. It’s a story of family secrets, beginnings and ends by producer King Louie Palomo

There’s also a film dedicated to traditional Shaker song, a woman swimming in a wedding dress made of dishcloths and hand drawn animation of the bowerbird.

The WOFFF was set up back in 2015 to champion and showcase the work of older women in the film industry – with the ultimate goal of achieving equality and parity for females over 50 in film

It addresses the ageism and sexism that many women face across different roles in the industry and creates inclusive spaces to watch films and open up conversations between generations all working towards the same goal. 

It aims to be accessible, age-positive, collaborative, empowering, knowledgeable and welcoming to all interested in the work of older women. Since its inception, it has created an accepting community of people helping to combat loneliness and isolation in those over 50. 

The festival kicks off at HOME on Wednesday 10th August and runs for 3 weeks. You can explore the programming and book tickets for all events via the link below. 


Women Over 50 Film Festival

Date: Wednesday 10th – Sunday 31st August
Venue: HOME
Price: £9.95

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