Get sleazy and come watch Showgirls... in a real casino!

The debate still rages; is Showgirls a piece of movie genius or just a big pile of dog muck?

By Ben Brown | 22 February 2019

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Well, as a man who enjoys watching Robocop on at least 3 occasions each week, I’d have to wholeheartedly confirm that Showgirls is a work of bloody art.

Not only is it every 13 year old boy’s favourite film, it also features the weirdest sex scene of all time, as well as giving us all an insight into the behind-the-scenes sex lives of the whole Saved By The Bell gang (except Screech of course).

The latest in Make A Scene’s interactive and immersive cinema screenings, Showgirls will be able to be enjoyed in all its trashy glory in a REAL casino.

So you can try your hand on the slots, bet on black on the roulette wheel and maybe just hang around waiting for a man to win big and buy you some champagne, all before being ushered into a private room to watch Paul Verhoven’s 1995 classic film.

Expect cocktails, gambling, nakedness, audience interaction, quoting along with the film, really hard dance routines, exploding volcanoes, murder, unsolicited lap dances…

You’ve never seen Showgirls like this!


Make A Scene Interactive Screening of Showgirls

Date: Saturday 6th April
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Manchester 235 Casino
Cost: Early bird £10, Standard £12

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