The Ultimate Star Wars Experience is coming to Manchester

Born on 4th May, I was destined to be a Star Wars fan.

Aside from Lord of the Rings (fight me), there is no better trilogy and if you’re a true, die hard fan, you’ll agree that nothing tops the original three films- period.

From Friday 1st May till Monday 4th May (National Star Wars Day), Immersive Events are hosting the ultimate Star Wars event, giving you a chance to experience the first three films in a way you never have before.

Hosted at a currently undisclosed location, fans will be thrust into an immersive screening of the movies that will combine wind machines, Co2 Jets and flame machines to bring this iconic story to life.

You will feel the wind in your hair, the heat from explosions and see sparks from lightsaber battles – a totally unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience that will only set you back between £15 – £20.

Food and drinks will be available to purchase at the venue and tickets will be checked at the doors by the best Imperial Stormtroopers. Naturally, fancy dress is encouraged but we all have that one friend who looks like Chewbacca, so make sure you to invite him too.

Friday 1st May
The Empire Strikes Back @ 7pm

Saturday 2nd May
A New Hope @ 12pm
The Empire Strikes back @ 3.30pm
The Return of the Jedi @ 7pm

Sunday 3rd May
A New Hope @ 12pm
The Empire Strikes back @ 3.30pm
The Return of the Jedi @ 7pm

Monday 4th May
The Return of the Jedi @ 7pm

So if you’d like to feel like you’re fighting in space on your very own Millennium Falcon, you know what to do. The force is strong with this event…


The Ultimate Star Wars Screenings

Venue: TBA
Dates: Friday 1st – Monday 4th May
Cost: From £15

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