The Edinburgh Fringe Festival comes to... Urmston!?

Urmston Comedy Club are hosting a range of Edinburgh Fringe Festival previews between March and July.

By Ben Brown | 19 March 2019

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With two sold out shows behind them, Urmston Comedy Club are continuing their success with a series of Edinburgh Fringe Festival preview shows at The Roebuck Pub. Each preview night will include two full shows each evening, for only £10 a ticket.

The first night of previews will take place on Sunday 31st March, and opening the show will be Mark Grimshaw, an autistic PowerPoint using comedian who takes a look at the darker side of a major aspect of modern life – the internet.

He won the Great Yorkshire Fringe New Comedian of The Year in 2018 and his show aims to explain “why everyone that wants your money is a D***”. Throughout this brand new hour Mark will be taking on major companies – such as Pringles, The Sun, Toys R Us (RIP) and Northern Rail – as well as some smaller, more obscure companies – such as The Walt Disney Company.

It’s a show suitable for all of the family (as long as they’re over the age of 18, enjoy comedy and, crucially, are not a lawyer for The Walt Disney Company).

Joining Mark will be the critically acclaimed Jonny Pelham with his brand new show ‘Off Limits’. In it he’s going to be talking about the sort of things that are usually off-limits. In dating, family gatherings, hanging out with mates and most social situations. There’s always some things that are ‘off limits’.

Jonny says ‘What better place to talk about it than in a comedy show with a bunch of strangers?’ ‘Off Limits’ is a personal, provocative and hilarious hour that should not be missed.

The Urmston Comedy Club Edinburgh preview shows will run throughout April, May and June and will feature the likes of Alun Cochrane (Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You regular) Tom Taylor, Dianne Fitton, City Life Award winner Harriet Dyer, James Meehan, (Coronation Street and Dr Who star) Gareth Berliner, Harry Stachini, Eddy Brimsom, Heidi Regan, Markus Birdman, Danny McLoughlin, (Beat the Frog World Series Winner) Anna Spark and more.


Urmston Comedy Club
Edinburgh Preview with Mark Grimshaw & Jonny Pelham

Venue: The Roebuck
Date: Sunday 31st March,
Time: 7pm
Cost: £10

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All the latest shows and information can be found on the Urmston Comedy Club Facebook page.