Finest sits down with the Queen of the Quiz - Fi Abernethy

After a rather raucous Thursday evening at Dive's weekly Quizzin' - we sat down with the mind behind the madness - Fiona Abernethy to talk all things quiz.

By Manchester's Finest | 16 July 2019

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Tell us about your background. How did you get into the Quiz World?
“I’ve been working in Stand-up Comedy & Holiday entertainment working with the likes of Disney in America on and off for over 10 years now. When I moved back to Manchester in 2015 I wanted a way to earn money & perform. I’m happiest being myself on stage and running quizzes seemed like a natural path, you get to have structured fun while having that interaction with everyone. Each quiz is different and anything can happen and everyone loves a quiz!”

How would you describe the style of your Quiz?
“My Quizzes are traditional with a twist. There are no mobiles allowed unless they are tweeting about how much of a lovely time they are having. The quiz is a bit of everything, Picture rounds, general knowledge, music and the cleverest person in the room may not necessarily win, I do give them a heads up of that at the start of the quiz, but they may win with their intelligence, physical abilities or lucky. Each quiz is unpredictable and I think that is why I get so many people coming back as anyone could win.”

What would be your specialist subject?
“Probably Marvel Movies or Geography”

How do you put the quiz together? How long does it take?
“I generally sit down for an hour a week and brainstorm, I’ve been doing this for years so it takes me a lot less time than it used to, but a lot of the time Ideas for questions come to me as I’m in conversations with people or songs on the radio. My phone is full of quiz questions, screenshots and notes.”

Does it get competitive? How do you keep things light and funny?
“Yes, some people do take it very seriously, but it’s normally just one person in the team which is comedy in itself as the rest of the team join me in winding them up, I find my stand up background gives me the ability to know my limits when responding to people, I’m not afraid to call someone out when they are being too competitive. I like to remind people, it’s just a quiz, no point ruining friendships over it.”

Tell us about some memorable moments.
“I love it when the whole quiz gets behind one person. I have lots of regulars who become minor celebrities in the quiz and to see everyone cheer them along is really lovely to be part of. Also I got recognised in a shoe shop once.”

What is the best fact you have learnt this week?
“The word Idiot came from Ancient Athens and originally meant people who don’t care about or participate in public affairs or politics.”

What have you got coming up?
Weekly Quizzes at Dive NQ from 7 pm! Come join us!


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