Four rising artists blend environment and innovation at Waterside's 'Surroundings' exhibition

The remarkable works of four artists inspired by their environment. Featuring ceramics, cast concrete, and multidisciplinary art, this showcase highlights the artists' innovative approaches to their chosen themes and materials.

By Manchester's Finest | 11 April 2023

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Waterside, Sale new ‘Surroundings’ exhibition, features the works of four promising artists, running until 24 June. Ceramic artists Isobelle Hayes and Carlie Smith, cast concrete artist Sophie Attridge, and multidisciplinary artist Gráinne Williams are all displaying their environmentally inspired pieces in the Lauriston Gallery.

Gráinne Willams ‘Roots’ series

Each artist has been awarded the Creative Industries Trafford Development Award, a prestigious honour that provides exhibition opportunities and mentorship for contemporary artists graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University’s School of Art.

The exhibition, curated by Michelle Keeling, highlights the unique narratives and innovative approaches employed by each artist in their exploration of themes and materials.

Carlie Smith’s ‘Pavement’ series

Carlie Smith’s two Pavement Series, ‘South Manchester’ and ‘Skælskør’, capture the essence of urban and rural environments, while Sophie Attridge’s Connect collection delves into brutalism in architecture and interior spaces.

Part of Sophie Attridge’s ‘Connect’ series

Isobelle Hayes’s wild clay vessels reflect her relationship with the natural world through traditional techniques, and Gráinne Williams’s Roots Series highlights the cultural and ancestral connections of traditional food and craft practices.

Part of Isobelle Hayes wild clay vessels

Visitors can explore the exhibition at Waterside’s Lauriston Gallery from Monday – Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm until 24 June. For more information, visit