"Manchester's Most Exciting New Art Space" offers up MORE Artists & Events this Spring

The Ruslan Faraev Institute of Art has released the next 5 event dates running until May...

By Manchester's Finest | 8 April 2022

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The Ruslan Faraev Institute of Art opened a self contained space under the Leven Hotel last November.

It took away the red tape for artists to get funding and approval for a show, celebrating the unrefined and the rough edges characteristic of a large scale new project. Art for art’s sake and the artists taking centre stage.

An individual artist takes over the Chorlton Street space every week and using their creativity (and often tight budgets) to fill the 8000sq ft basement with their ideas.

There have been 13 shows since last November and the format has had a great uptake by the artists and built a consistent crowd of people hungry for a spot to celebrate Manchester’s art scene that grows by the day.

Ruslan has just released the lineup of the next 5 events running from the 4th April to the 1st May. Each event – ran by the exhibiting artist – will have an opening and run for the days after, so come down to meet the creators and see how they transform the space into their world each week…

The Heart Factory
5th – 8th April
The Heart Factory is a place dedicated to love and playfulness. Everybody is welcome to help create hearts by any means, with the goal being to create as many hearts as possible so they can be given out to the population of Manchester.

“Making these hearts and learning new crafts with good music help us reconnect with ourself and meet great people. The infinite game of love makes you want to stay for ever.”

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Ciloe, ‘Is This even Graffiti Anymore’
9th – 10th April
Manchester based graffiti artist will perform live graffiti, bringing the outside world indoors. Graffiti is a lifestyle that normal pedestrians only get a glimpse of. What you can expect is a freeflowing and freeform art performance that would otherwise be deemed unacceptable.

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14th – 17th April
Art Rich is an immersive art experience created by friends and peers in the youth creative scene in Manchester. The idea is to bring together multiple disciplines in one space and to show this community in a shared, immersive, collective space/ experience.

This opening night will feature audio visual art, physical, digital and analog interactive pieces, with the soundtrack of some of the best and most unique DJs and performers throughout the night.

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Motley’s ‘Just Give Up’
28th April – 1st May
We’ve all seen what Motley can do on the street. But what can they do indoors? For the first time, experience Manchester’s most feckless vandal outside of their natural habitat.

You’ll likely have already seen the “artist” in the tabloids for being the first person to bite a shark completely unprovoked. When asked about the incident, Motley replied “I won’t stop there. I’m going to be the first person to bury a fucking dinosaur”.

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Tomas Gittin’s ‘Strip Club’
28th – 1st May
“A comic book strip exhibition by Gittins”.

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