“Gratuitously offensive”, over 8,000 profanities & a nappy-wearing Jesus: Jerry Springer The Opera at Hope Mill

That's right, the smash opera is coming to Hope Mill this August!

When it came to the stage in 2005 the world certainly was NOT ready for Jerry Springer The Opera.

In a world before the Kardashians, the Book of Mormon and Donald Trump as president, it was a much more innocent time – an innocence that was quickly destroyed by two British comedians and an infamous US talk show.

Richard Thomas and Steward Lee managed to create a musical that includes all-singing Ku Klux Klan members, strippers and the ultimate battle between good and evil and guess what – people went absolutely bonkers over it.

Christian groups, MP’s, the Salvation Army and even the BNP all lost their shit over it – leading to it getting banned in loads of places and turning the lives of the writers and cast pretty much into a living hell.

Well, screw all of that now – it’s 2019 – we can handle all of that shit. Easy peasy. As a result, Hope Mill will be hosting this production from Northern Ricochet from Friday 9th August and it looks set to be as raucous and fresh as the original.


Jerry Springer – The Opera

Venue: Hope Mill Theatre
Date: From Friday 9th August
Time: 7.30pm (2.30pm matinees on Saturday)
Cost: £20

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