"Gratuitously offensive", over 8,000 profanities & a nappy-wearing Jesus: Jerry Springer The Opera at Hope Mill

That's right, the smash opera is coming to Hope Mill this August!

By Ben Brown | 26 July 2019

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When it came to the stage in 2005 the world certainly was NOT ready for Jerry Springer The Opera.

In a world before the Kardashians, the Book of Mormon and Donald Trump as president, it was a much more innocent time – an innocence that was quickly destroyed by two British comedians and an infamous US talk show.

Richard Thomas and Steward Lee managed to create a musical that includes all-singing Ku Klux Klan members, strippers and the ultimate battle between good and evil and guess what – people went absolutely bonkers over it.

Christian groups, MP’s, the Salvation Army and even the BNP all lost their shit over it – leading to it getting banned in loads of places and turning the lives of the writers and cast pretty much into a living hell.

Well, screw all of that now – it’s 2019 – we can handle all of that shit. Easy peasy. As a result, Hope Mill will be hosting this production from Northern Ricochet from Friday 9th August and it looks set to be as raucous and fresh as the original.


Jerry Springer – The Opera

Venue: Hope Mill Theatre
Date: From Friday 9th August
Time: 7.30pm (2.30pm matinees on Saturday)
Cost: £20

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