Manchester-based Vzion gives us his 2nd single

Amid highly volatile times, Manchester's latest soulful RnB export, Vzion, summons us to escape - literally ‘ANYWHR'

By Manchester's Finest | 24 October 2019

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Fake news, fake feuds and warring politicians – 2019 has left us all somewhat shaken. Maybe what we need is a fresh take and a new soundtrack to give us a chance of hope?

Enter Manchester-based, future RnB artist, Vzion – with his hotly anticipated second single, ‘ANYWHR’.

A relative newcomer to the scene, Vzion’s already attracted some notable attention from Acid Stag and La Belle Musique, as well as recently providing support for nu-disco legends, Crazy P.

Inspired by the likes of Blood Orange, Frank Ocean and Childish Gambino, Vzion’s latest pertinently raw blend of RnB contains an all too common story of seeing a friend stuck in a unfulfilled relationship – and with none other than Stuart Hawkes (Mura Masa, Disclosure) completing mastering duties, ‘ANYWHR’ could well be a watershed moment in Vzion’s career, to date.

After an adolescence of self-realisation; “I’m a half-Persian, half-Caribbean Northerner with blonde hair – show me the right box to tick on the form!”, Vzion looked to music as an outlet to amalgamate his worldly observations with his multicultural roots, which he refers to as a “hybrid identity”.

Although Vzion’s music does more than just hold a mirror to society, “‘ANYWHR’ is essentially an emotive insight into the Millennial condition”

Vzion will be launching ANYWHR at a party on Friday 8th November down at Ancoats haunt NAM – a restaurant that hides a seriously impressive sound system in the basement.


ANYWHR Single Launch Party 

Venue: NAM, Ancoats
Date: Friday 8th November
Cost: Free


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