Manchester NFTs That Will 'Unlock' The City's First Ever Crypto Supper Club

Back in November we put on a disruptive art exhibition at Manchester Art Fair that posed the question 'WTF is an NFT?'.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated January 4th '22

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Our collaborative exhibition with KnownOrigin was the first time NFTs have ever been exhibited at Manchester Art Fair. It served as an opportunity for attendees to talk to us and get advice on starting out in this emerging digital space, whilst showcasing a bunch of local and national crypto artists' work. The interest in what we were doing at the fair was huge, with over 8,000 people passing through the space over the weekend. We knew it would be tough for anyone who wasn't already comfortable in the space to buy the art we were displaying, but we sold 28 editions from our curated local artists. Through NFTs, artists become the masters of their own destiny, giving them the opportunity to empower themselves and be in control of their own work - forever. Someone buys the art now and yes, the collector owns it, but NFTs allow the artists to enable a feature where they're paid a percentage every time the NFT is resold, forever! Another exciting feature of NFTs is that you can also include other physicals, exclusive content and 'unlockables' with the purchase, and in the case of our recent collaboration with KnownOrigin at Manchester Art Fair, an invitation to the city's FIRST EVER Crypto Supper Club!
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'Visionary' by LeiMai LeMaow, an artist whose work stems from her background in graffiti and rave culture, and 'The House of Mirrors' by multidisciplinary surrealist Numan both include an invitation to Manchester's first crypto supper club, and with the 'added extra' side of NFTs - both artists will benefit from any future resale of their art - something we're keen to champion here at Manchester’s Finest.
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What's more, the payment to both the artists, and subsequently the chef, staff and venue for the supper club will be paid out in Ethereum - likely giving the recipients more value over time when compared with traditional fiat currencies. Details on the supper club will be announced in 2022 to holders of the art through the 'unlockable' section on KnownOrigin's platform, when inputting their details. Both LeiMai and Numan's art is still available to purchase at KnownOrigin - and it's a chance for people to jump feet first into this exciting artistic revolution, support local artists and be part of one of Manchester's most exclusive supper club events ever. …………………. Manchester's First Crypto Supperclub Through purchasing local NFT art Venue: Secret (Somewhere in Manchester) Date: 2022 TBA Cost: 0.05 ETH (You get a free invite with the purchase of either of the following NFTs) Buy LeiMai's 'Visionary' NFT Buy Numan's 'The House of Mirrors' NFT ** ONCE PURCHASED, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR DETAILS THROUGH THE UNLOCKABLE LINK ON THE PAGE FOR THE PIECE - YOU'LL GET THE SUPPER CLUB DETAILS & INVITE SENT TO YOU AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE