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Manchester creatives working from home have created a series of interactive musical videos.

By Manchester's Finest | 29 April 2020

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Now available online, ‘On Stage at Home with Clangers’ is a brand-new interactive series of musical videos, featuring specially created songs and music for young families to perform whilst at home together during lockdown and beyond, using instruments they find or make.

The videos feature songs created and performed by Louise Gregg, a Nordoff Robbins music therapist, with a little helping hand from The Clangers, to demonstrate the positive impact that music can have on everyone’s health and wellbeing.

The videos aim to help preschoolers and their families connect through music, performing songs using homemade instruments, movement, body percussion and voice.

Produced by international rights owner Coolabi Group, in partnership with music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, the videos were made at home last week by a team of people from across Manchester.

This includes Didsbury based Louise Gregg, Clangers co-director Chris Titchborne (using footage originally animated at Altrincham’s Factory), and edited, with additional animation, by Manchester design studio Instruct. The Clangers television show, which the footage is taken from, airs on CBeebies, which is based nearby in Salford.

Specialist Manchester agency Sundae Communications, retained by Coolabi Group since 2014, will deliver outreach and publicity in partnership with the Nordoff Robbins team, including a nationwide press campaign, and support from celebrities and influencers across the country.

The first two videos in the series are available now and families with young superstars across the UK are encouraged to make their own videos and performances, to share music and happiness with friends and loved ones online.

John Owens, creative director at Instruct said: “We jumped at the chance to help a great cause whilst getting to working with footage of our childhood heroes. We set to work quickly developing the look and feel with the internal design team via Zoom, whilst editing green-screen footage filmed in Didsbury all within a few days. We are so happy with the final result.”

Fiona McGarva, managing director of Sundae Communications, said: “The Clangers are our first love, as animators Factory and rights owner Coolabi Group are two of our longest standing clients. This is a gorgeous project, bringing together Nordoff Robbins and Clangers, whose brand values have so much synergy, to create musical content with the aim of spreading joy to families across the UK, at a time when it is much needed.”


‘On Stage at Home with Clangers’

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