The artist building bird houses inspired by Manchester buildings

Liam Hopkins has designed the houses as part of the city's 50 Windows of Creativity...

By Ben Brown | 5 November 2020

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Resident Finest art ‘guru’ Richard Morris spoke to Liam Hopkins back in 2019 and the piece began with this…

Liam Hopkins has the best (and simplest) job description in the world. ‘Maker.’

Well, as part of the city’s current 50 Windows of Creativity exhibition, one which sees local artists install their creations in windows throughout the city, Liam was tasked with filling a large space on King Street – which he has with ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat‘, a conceptual art piece that will morph and change throughout the duration of the project.

One of the most striking things about the installation is the series of bird houses that Liam has created, each one inspired by Manchester landmark buildings. Dubbed ‘LAZERIAN HOMES‘ and finished in rusted Corten steel, each one is available to purchase from Liam until 5th December.

There’s a Beetham Tower one, complete with a “28mm aperture that is perfect for great tits, tree sparrows and pied flycatchers looking to get on the property ladder” an Urbis one and even a ‘Toast Rack‘ one based on the delightfully Modernist MMU Hollins Campus down in Fallowfield.

My personal favourite though is his Lowry bird house, an impressively simple interpretation of the complex Salford Quays structure and one which would look fantastic in my back yard among the shrubbery and mouldy hot tub.

Even better is the fact that Liam says that it’s shape is perfect for Robins – the quintessential Christmas bird and one which I’d happily feed until they lay a couple of eggs for me to have with my Christmas breakfast.

Only kidding.

Anyway, if you like the look of these bird houses then you can purchase them from Liam’s online store below. He makes them all by hand so you might have to wait a tiny bit for it to arrive – but once it does – your backyard will become the talk of the town.


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