The Beautifully Haunting AI-Generated Images of Manchester

AI image generators are taking the internet by storm at the moment, and there's a new generator that's created these magnificently haunting images of Manchester...

By Manchester's Finest | 8 July 2022

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I’m sure that by now you’ve tried out one of those AI image generators on the internet. It’s a lot of fun, you basically just type something into the little box and a complex AI system will create a series of pictures for you.

Most people have used Dall-E Mini for this, which I used to create this series of images here with ‘Liam Gallagher riding a whale in space‘…

There’s now a new one on the scene though and it’s called MidJourney – and it’s creating images that are much more artistically focused. On its website, MidJourney describes itself as: “An independent research lab. Exploring new mediums of thought. Expanding imaginative powers of the human species.” Okay then.

The images that the AI creates though are adapted from real art styles, creating haunting, more beautiful images that are more creative and filled with texture. When you type in the word ‘Manchester’, you’re transported to an alternate future depiction of the city that’s just a little bit off to be genuinely unnerving…


MidJourney is currently rolling out its AI service slowly, but you should expect to be able to have a play with it at some point in the coming months. In the meantime – just continue to stare at these rather beautiful AI-generated cityscapes.