The Community Project turning Withington into a Gallery of Street Art

A group of locals have got together to transform the area's neglected walls and spaces...

By Manchester's Finest | 26 January 2021

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Back in 2019, a group of locals in Withington donated generously to a Crowdfunder that promised to brighten up the village with a host of world-class street art decorated onto under-used and neglected shop shutters and walls.

Since then, WITHINGTON WALLS has used those funds to arrange for artworks on more than thirsty shutters and five walls – from some of the world’s greatest street artists.

The ultimate aim is to provide a space for local artists to produce works of public art, helping push not just pride in the area but also improve and regenerate the area as a whole.

We’ve seen some truly stunning pieces grace the walls of the village so far, with key art pieces from the likes of Hammo, Marcus Method, Chris Cooper, Caroline Dowsett and a Marcus Rashford piece from ex-Withington resident Akse that managed to grace the front pages of newspapers throughout the UK.

But the work can’t end there. With the hope to continue the good work and fill even more shutters and walls, Withington Walls have once again started a Crowdfunder to secure funds to get more artists into the area.

They don’t want the story to end for Withington Walls just yet, and neither do we, so you can help by hitting up their Crowdfunder (below) and donating what you can…

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