The Exorcist is coming to the theatre!

How could any of us forget the iconic plot of The Exorcist?

By Manchester's Finest | 1 October 2019

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Aside from being on one of the most profitable horror films ever made, it still terrifies generations to this day and will live on as a classic till the day the earth ends.

From the 22nd to the 26th October, this Oscar winning film will be making its way to the stage for a theatrical rendition of director William Friedkin’s 1973 masterpiece.

Described as a ‘Storming version of The Exorcist’ that will send ‘Shivers down the spine’, this is a show destined to keep you awake at night because let’s face it, everything is scarier on stage.

The production will follow the story of a desperate mother, Chris, who is unable to get answers about her daughters strange and unsettling symptoms. As doctors continue to abandon ship and her daughter deteriorates every day, she reluctantly seeks help from a priest in a last ditch hope to save her child. But before Father Damien can deal with the horror before his eyes, he must overcome his own uncertain beliefs in order to save the girl’s soul.

The play which is written by John Pielmeier and directed by Sean Mathias features will feature Ian McKellen as the voice of the Demon and various other cast members from the West End.

The show will be hosted at Manchester Opera House and will cost you just £13, but tickets are expected to sell out fast so I’d be quick off the mark, if I were you.

The show does sound incredible, but I won’t be fully impressed until I see someone’s head spin 360. Who else agrees?


The Exorcist

Venue: Opera House
Dates: Tuesday 22nd – Saturday 26th October
Cost: From £13

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