Review: The Fountainhead for MIF 2019

Last-night I went to see Ivo van Hove and his Internationaal Theater Amsterdam ensemble bring something truly unique and frankly fantastic to Manchester.

By Ben Brown | 12 July 2019

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So far The Fountainhead is my recommendation of the festival, if you see anything, see this.

A brilliant portrait of Howard Roark, an uncompromising young architect who favours innovation, independence and integrity over commercial gain and the spotlight of celebrity architecture.

The piece takes us on a journey of relationships that weigh the moral against the logical, places love alongside revenge and questions the sacrifice in winning.

The narrative is at the same time simple and complex, your eye wanders into the background as the next scene merges seamlessly with the slightest of set changes we move from home to city, workplace to penthouse and party to country.

Roark’s view of man and the world, his individualism and single mindedness collides with Dominique Francon, the daughter of world famous architect Guy Francon, in a way that neither expect. The relationship rife with conflict and born out of this initial collision weaves its way through every other characters narrative tightening the bind of all involved in acts of love, acceptance and desperation.

I could say so much more about this piece but really the message is the simple, go see it, and you’ll stand and applaud at the end as myself the rest of The Lowry theatre did last night.


The Fountainhead
Manchester International Festival 2019

Venue: The Lowry
Dates: On until Saturday 13th July

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