"Yippie Ki Yay!" An Immersive 80s Office Party Screening of the BEST Christmas Movie EVER

You can now watch Die Hard whilst partying at the 1988 Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party...

By Ben Brown | Last updated 13 December 2021

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The eternal debate continues. What is the best Christmas movie of all time? Some people think it’s Santa Claus: The Movie (WRONG), others think Elf (WRONG), whilst I personally think that It’s A Wonderful Life is the very best ever.

Then there’s the (NOT) Christmas films. Those films that are great and just happen to be set at Christmas. Lethal Weapon. Iron Man 3. Gremlins and… Die Hard.

Quite possibly the greatest action movie ever made (although for sheer muscle mass alone Predator nips it), Die Hard is the classic story of a New York cop going to see his wife in LA over Christmas. Meeting her at her office party, it all goes a bit Pete Tong when it gets taken over by terrorists keen on stealing the “640 million dollars’ worth of negotiable bearer bonds in the vault”.

It’s one man against many. He can’t run and he’s got to save his wife. He gets battered, shot, blown up and forced to walk over broken glass – but ultimately (Spoiler alert) – he’s triumphant. John McClane – what a man.

On Saturday 4th December, Screen 32 are set to host an immersive screening of this classic movie at Stretford Public Hall. The beautifully refurbished Ballroom will be transformed into a 1980s office Christmas party, with drinks flowing and snacks aplenty.

Get dressed up in your best 80s regalia – dust off your shoulder pads, lacquer up that perm and dig out that cheap polyester suit, and in tribute to John McClane himself – there’ll also be a competition on the night for the ‘Best Vest’.


Die Hard Immersive Screening

Date: Saturday 4th December
Time: Doors will be at 7pm with the screening starting at 7:30pm.
Cost: £5 (but there is also a ‘pay what you can’ option – click here for more info)
Venue: Stretford Public Hall

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