The Laundrette

Cocktails & Carbs is the name of the game at this First Street eaterie

Eating is treating. Or so they have always believed down at The Laundrette, in their opinion all restaurants need a dollop of fun. And as two of their three favourite things are cocktails and carbs, so their menu is appropriately full of them.

Everything that passes your lips at The Laundrette is locally sourced then freshly tossed, flipped, kneaded, sizzled and tenderly fondled on site.

The menu leaves you 100% satisfied and shamefully full. It’s a given. But life’s better with eye candy, right? We needed a destination –  a place to be stunning while sunning, a space to be seen with your caffeine.

The former launderette SOAP OPERA in Chorlton, Manchester was where it all started and it provided all of the over-the-top inspiration we needed. The final participants in this particular sensation orgy? A laid-back soundtrack and a pumping atmosphere.



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