The 12 Street Food legends set to take 2020 by storm

Including corndogs, stuffed donuts, huge fried pizza and vegan hog roasts...

By Ben Brown | March 13th '20

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Granddad's Sausages The lads down at Granddad's Sausages have certainly stepped up a notch over the last 12 months, even going as far as winning a MFDF Award last year. They've now set up shop over at Hatch for a stint, before likely getting in their van, putting on some skimpy denim hotpants and smashing out the best sausages ever at festivals throughout the land this Summer. Their sausages, as you've probably already guessed, come from a recipe made by their dear old granddad and they are fucking fantastic. Classic, simple and delicious - the absolute perfect street food. More Info   Parmogeddon You probably hadn't really heard of Parmogeddon 6 months ago, and equally as likely didn't have a bloody clue what a Parmo even was. Well, all that has changed as the team at Parmogeddon first started bashing out their grub at Corner Boy in the NQ, as well as over at Hatch towards the end of 2019. Their cheesy, meaty, dirty-sexy dishes of pure pleasure are pure Instagram fodder and absolutely gorgeous. Be prepared to see, hear and taste a lot more this year. More Info   Gooey Donuts Probably the newest lot on this list, it only took a few bites of these gooey delights to know that they'll be absolutely smashing it this year. Currently being served up out of Selina in the Northern Quarter (the little coffee spot between Wilson's Social and Corner Boy), Gooey specialise in two things - donuts and cookies. Their donuts come stuffed with every sweet-sweet filling you can imagine and I have it on great authority that their cookies are quite possibly the best you'll ever taste in your life. Millie must be shitting herself. More Info   Oh Mei Dumplings Okay, so Oh Mei aren't exactly new to the Street Food scene, starting way back in 2016, but they continued to smash out the high-quality, super-tasty dumplings week-in, week-out to great success. Winner of 2018's MFDF award for Best Street Food, Mei Yei Pang's offerings are always of the highest quality and are always delicious and you can usually get them scoffed over at GRUB most weekends. The pan-fried Beef ones will always be my favourite but their Tofu and Kale offering is also up there in the 'I need to buy another 12 and go into a food coma' stakes. More Info   What's Your Beef? Anyone who thinks that the whole burger 'thing' is all done and dusted now, well, let me tell you – you are wrong buddy! All it takes is one visit to What's Your Beef and you'll be right back in love with burgers - feeling like it's 2013 all over again. What makes these burgers so good then? Well, first of all their patties are all made with ethically sources, locally reared, 28 day, dry aged, grass fed beef and they like to keep things as simple as possible to let the quality shine through. Thick, juicy meat, cheese, pickles and a bit of salad – perfect. More Info   Vaso Kitchen It's surprisingly easy to get Indian food disastrously wrong, but the team at Vaso Kitchen certainly have their heads screwed on when it comes to curry. I managed to catch them at the Stretford Food Hall recently and was blown away by their Paneer Tikka Masala and Lamb Keema, both of which were some of the best I've ever had. Adding a side of their Masala Fries is a must and don't forget a pint of Cobra if you can find one to wash it all down with. More Info   Slurp, Crackle and Pop Named after what could be a seedy alternate-reality cereal, Slurp, Crackle and Pop specialise in a range of Asian street food dishes - primarily Bao buns and Rice Bowls. This is another one that I caught at Stretford Food Hall (it was a rather extravagant weekend) and was thoroughly impressed with it all. Bao buns are more popular than Tamagotchi’s in 1997 so I can imagine they’ll absolutely smash it this year. More Info   Fritto The country might be on serious Coronavirus lock down at the moment but the Italian cultural and culinary influence will always manage to permeate any physical or conceptual barriers regardless. This is best emphasised by its two greatest exports - pizza and pasta - both of which Fritto Italian Street Food have pretty much fully ticked off. Their HUGE Panzerotti are one of life’s greatest pleasures and certainly a must try for anyone who thinks they like pizza (which is everyone). More Info   Mia's Arepas Not many people know what an Arepa is. I do though. Mostly because I’ve been to Colombia and pretty much every single morsel of food you eat comes stuffed in one. Not that I was complaining - they’re fucking fantastic. Mia of Mia’s Arepas is continuing this tradition with an impressive selection of fillings, most popular of which is the Pabellon Crilollo, a traditional Venezuelan variation with shredded beef that’ll blow your bloody sock off. More Info   Hogless Roast What’s the point of a hog roast without a hog? Nothing. Okay, done. Let’s go home. Wait - what? What’s this? What’s going on? Well, this is exactly that - a fully 100% vegan Plant-Based Hog Roast and you know what - it’s actually brilliant. Owners Matt and Ross have taken plant protein, infused it with smoky BBQ flavours and serve it up with apple sauce, crackling and stuffing - offering up probably one of the best vegan sandwiches you’ll ever eat in your little life. More Info   Osaka Local There’s only one word you need to know when it comes to Osaka Local… Okonomiyaki. When I went to visit my mate Taka in Osaka a few years back he introduced me to this speciality - basically a thick savoury cabbage pancake that’s topped with mayo and brown sauce. Of course, it’s a lot more complex and impressive than that savage description and the team at Osaka Local make probably the best you’re gonna have without shelling out a grand on a flight to Japan. Top tip - add cheese and kimchi and live life like a baller. More Info   Charlie Mac's Fancy Corndogs I was first attracted to Charlie Mac’s because they came up with an absolutely GENIUS marketing idea. Then I had a corn dog and that was it - their fate as one of 2020’s best street food vendors was established. The idea is called ‘CornHub’ and involves people taking pictures of themselves eating corndogs - the muckier the better. Their Instagram is full of ‘em and It can even get you a free corndog the next time you visit too! Oh and the dogs themselves are fit AF. More Info