4ft Long Hot Dogs at Bunny Jackson's

In terms of sheer size, it's safe to say that Bunny Jackson's new sandwich offerings would easily get on both the Pepsi Max and the Big Dipper down at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, as long as you don't start scoffing it halfway round.

By Ben Brown | 27 April 2018

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Coming in at 4ft long, these Party Subs come in 3 different iterations. The Classic Italian Deli & Muffaletta (Joey Tribianni’s dream sandwiches) and the Fairground Banger, which we went down to try and scoff last week.

When you first see it, you may be forgiven for thinking that this girthy bastard is just made up of loads of separate sausages and bread, all shoved together and covered over with onions and sauce. You, my friend, would be sorely mistaken.

The gang at Bunny Jackson’s have gone all out with this beaut, pulling in a raft of local producers to create a hot dog that is not only absolutely massive, but is delicious too.

First up is the sausage. I shit you not it’s a proper actual full-on 4ft sausage – created by the good people over at Grandad’s Sausages in Bury. They’ve been bashing out bangers here for over 50 years, and their range include all the traditional numbers, as well as a fantastic award-winning Pork and Bury Black Pudding sausage that everyone should try.

So, with Grandad supplying the huge, top quality sausage, where do you get the bread from? Step up J.B. Richardson’s Bakery on Beech Road in Chorlton who took on the challenge to create the pillowy carbs in which this meaty monster sits. I’ve heard that they needed to apply to the council for planning permission to extend their oven to fit them in but that might have been someone pulling my chain.

You’ve got a 4ft sausage, resting in a 4ft slab of bun – what else do you need? Well, a ton of fried onions, about half a tub of ketchup and mustard, deep fried pickles, some proper fit fries, onion rings and coleslaw, all served up on a longboard and ready for you and your mates to devour.

The subs serve up to 10 people, so don’t try and tackle these bad boys on your own. There were 3 of us when we tried the hot dog and it well and truly battered us to within an inch of our food-eating lives.

They’re available Monday – Thursday at Bunny Jackson’s but you’ll need to give 36 hours’ notice in advance so they can prepare it for you. On Friday though you don’t need to give them any warning – just pop in and order to your belly’s content. They’re £60, but if you do the maths – it’s not much at all!

On top of this, every Friday Bunny Jackson’s will be offering the chance to WIN the 4ft Hot dog EVERY Friday. Just head on over to their Twitter, do some retweeting and get some grub.

Bunny Jacksons, 1 Jack Rosenthal Street, Manchester M15 4RA