£6 for Ping Pong All Night! You, Me for Six at Twenty Twenty Two

Twenty Twenty Two has just launched a brand new offer to make your Monday run that little bit smoother.

By Alex Watson | 2 August 2019

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All you have to do is rock up to one of the NQ’s best basement bars, Twenty Twenty Two, and spend just six English pounds. 

I thought about filling this article with You, Me at Six songs but I can safely say I don't know one. I got 10 seconds into their top track on Spotify and couldn't listen any further. It also would have been painfully obvious puns which we don't like do we?

Anyway, Twenty Twenty two have got what could be one of the best weekday deals out there. When you spend just £6 you get UNLIMITED ping pong. 

So next time you're stuck for date night because you've overspent all month and can't be arsed thinking of anything, this is a no brainer. 

6 quid gets you 2 beers and therefore unlimited ping pong. You can also grab one of their dead good cocktails for just 6 pound too.

Once you are suitably tanked up on delicious cocktails or frosty pints, you can unleash your competitive side, have a game of ping-pong late into the evening and regret how late you stay out when you are a dishevelled stinking mess in work the next morning. Terrific.

Catch you down there for cheap booze and guaranteed ping-pong based fun!


You, Me For Six at Twenty Twenty Two
Spend £6 and play for free every Monday

Venue: Twenty Twenty Two
Date: Every Monday
Time: 4 pm – 12 am
Cost: £6

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Twenty Twenty Two, 20 Dale St, Manchester M1 1EZ
0161 237 9360