Ancoats' NAM introduce a NEW Vietnamese Sunday Dinner with 7-Hour Pho Gravy!

An inspired South-Asian twist on the King of Dinners...

By Ben Brown | 9 November 2021

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Most countries in the world don’t treat Sundays anywhere near as well as we do over here in Blighty. It’s almost as if the old combination of no work and church came together to create a day in which stuffing your face and getting drunk was almost a necessity for most.

It wouldn’t be unheard of a few years back for me to head to my Grandma’s house in Derker for a Full English in the morning, nip off to the Wellington for 5 or 6 pints and then enjoy a slap-up Roast Dinner a few hours later. Finishing up laid on the sofa watching Heartbeat. Sunday was complete.

Other countries, well, this just doesn’t happen. Our British fixation with Sunday has created a wealth of rituals, events, special meals and drinks – the likes of which other places just cannot fathom.

Speaking to Nam, owner of NAM in Ancoats, he explained to me how they just don’t have the same level of affinity for Sunday over in Vietnam, instead – it’s just like any other day.

So, he was thinking about how to offer something unique on the weekend for the people of Manchester and he hit upon the idea of the Vietnamese Sunday Dinner – a mash-up of the traditional British Roast and the unique flavours and ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine.

The results are a revelation.

Available at NAM every Sunday, these dinners are full of big, bold and signature NAM flavours – a homage to the nostalgia of the British Roast Dinner mixed with memories of family meals back in Vietnam.

They’re HUGE and you can opt for wither the Half Roast Chicken with NAM’s signature marinade (£14), Crispy Skin Char Siu Pork (£14) or a 5 Spice & Soy-braised Tofu (£12.50) – both served with a selection of unique ‘trimmings’ on the side.

You’ll get a portion of sticky rice, Gỏi salad, outstanding Roast Potatoes, stir-fried oyster mushrooms and greens, alongside NAM’s new (and absolutely superb) Pho Gravy.

I could go on forever talking about NAM’s new PHO GRAVY – it’s absolutely phenomenal. Taking their signature Pho broth, adding stock and reducing it slowly over time, you end up with a fragrant, rich and breath-taking gravy that’s perfect for pouring and even better for dipping. I think everyone should definitely give this a try at some point or another.

So if you’re looking to continue the tradition of a big Sunday – but want to try something a bit different than the usual Roast Dinner offerings – NAM is the place to go.


The NAM Vietnamese Sunday Dinner is available every Sunday. Book a table right here:

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