Asha’s Launch New Mumbai Menu

Three Indians & An Englishman take a culinary journey to Mumbai in search of some inspiration for Asha's brand new menu.

By Manchester's Finest | Last updated 18 September 2018

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Asha’s, the International chain of restaurants best known for its contemporary Indian cuisine, introduces a new menu this summer ‘Three Indians & An Englishman’. The menu is a representation of the culinary journey through the city that never sleeps, Mumbai.

A huge element of the culturally diverse and bustling Mumbai is the gastronomic experience the city offers. The people of Mumbai are very passionate about their local cuisine, not only has Mumbai adapted recipes from other states but it has also invented mouth-watering dishes that are now considered unique to the city.

The roots of Asha’s lie in Mumbai and therefore the management team and chefs, Three Indians & An Englishman, took a trip to relish the different styles of food, witness the incredible heritage and present their interpretation of the very best food in Mumbai through the new menu.

Food aficionados will see the likes of the Vada Pav Slider, an enhanced version of the famous ‘go to’ street food in Mumbai, Salli Boti for the meat lovers, the Parsi favourite Chicken Berry Biryani and much more on this new menu that will be available until 30th November 2018.

The family-friendly dining concept displays a passion for the authentic but upscale ambience where visitors can enjoy the serene surroundings of the restaurant as the artistry unfolds in the kitchen.

Matthew Firth, General Manager at Asha’s said:

“At Asha’s, we are always trying to exceed expectations and challenge ourselves by introducing innovative dining concepts. This time it was not just about putting together a new menu, it was an eye-opening experience to visit the city where Asha’s is from and witness the boisterous blend of cuisines, languages, cultures, food, fine arts, cinema and so much more”

“It was a short trip to Mumbai and we tried to visit the nooks and corners of the city to enjoy the best of all cultures. The food was delicious everywhere which made it difficult to pick our favourites but it is interesting to see how our chef has given it the ‘Asha’s’ touch and curated the menu”, he added.

Customers can relax in the elegant ambience at Asha’s Manchester with a menu which reflects the very best of Indian cuisine and promises a truly memorable dining experience.

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